michela nicchiotti
Creative, Art Director, Advertising

Report it to stop it

Project Guardian

A campaign for Transport for London on sexual harassment. Film. Digital. Print.


Would you report someone staring at you, for too long? Would you report someone getting closer to you, too much? Report it to stop it - Project Guardian, Transport for London - educates women on reporting any form of unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport.

In the interactive film the viewer wears the shoes of a woman who experiences a string of unwanted sexual behaviours that get progressively more serious. At each unpleasant event, the viewers is asked: "Would you report it? Yes/No" having an immediate effect on the narrative and on the journey.

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"Report it to stop it" has received more than 13 millions views, while the website has received nearly 12,000 visits on the first day with an average time spent on the site of over 2 minutes. The campaign has also been covered by BBC2 TV and by BBCRadio2 for half an hour.

An year after the launch of "Report it to Stop it" the The Guardian has picked up again the subject highlighting its success: the video has been watched more than 14m times and 36% more people have reported unwanted sexual behaviour, with a 40% increase in arrests.

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Agency: M&CSaatchi - Director: Al MacKay for Tomboy - Client: TFL Role: Lead Creative Team, Concept & Art Direction