michela nicchiotti
Creative, Art Director, Advertising

Bake Brave

Bake Brave

A social campaign to get everyone baking with margarine Stork. (Uniliver) Social. Digital.


Occasional bakers stick to the same recipes, to avoid disappointment and epic fail. Bake Brave is a social campaign that celebrates bravery in the kitchen by encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and attempt something they’ve never baked before on World Baking Day. On the Bake Brave website, 100 recipes - from 100 food bloggers and celebrities from around the world - are ranked in order of their difficulty. After answering a questionnaire, users are invited to attempt one.

The number 100, the most challenging cake ever made, is provided by Buddy Valestro, also known as 'The Cake Boss' and takes two days to bake. - Are you in for the challenge? 

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Agency: Lean Mean Fighting Machine - Role: Lead Creative Team, Concept and Art Direction