michela nicchiotti
Creative, Art Director, Advertising



A proactive idea that become a successful web app for Knorr, Flora and Storke (Unilever). Digital. WebApp.


While working on Bake Brave a brief to raise engagement on world baking day, we baked and looked at tons of baking videos. We observed their fast paced editing style and, thought: how great if you could control the video without touching the device with your messy hands? - That's how Handy was born and presented to the client as a proactive brief. 

Handy is a web app that lets you follow your favourite YouTube video recipes, without half the ingredients ending up on your screen. Using gesture control technology, you can control your recipe by swiping left and right your floury fingers in front of your webcam. - The novelty, became soon popular in the baking and tech world.

Handy lets you get handsy with YouTube recipes without making a mess
— Wired.co.uk

Agency: Lean Mean Fighting Machine - Client: Unilever - Role: Lead Creative Team, Concept.